St Mary & St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Uniform

Winter Uniform must be worn from the 1st October until the start of the summer term.

Boys & Girls:
School Logo-Navy Cardigan or Jumper (available from school).
School Logo-Pinafore (available from school).
School Tie-Navy/Red Broad Stripe (available from school).
White Shirt.
Grey Skirt.
Grey Trousers.
Socks or tights – white, grey or navy.
Shoes – black or navy (no trainers).

Summer Uniform may be worn from the Easter holidays until the Autumn Half Term or children may remain in winter uniform.

Boys & Girls:
School Logo-Blue & White Gingham Dresses (available from school).
School Logo-Gold Polo Shirts (available from school).
Socks – white, grey or navy.
Shoes or sandals (socks must be worn with sandals) – black or navy (no trainers or jelly shoes).

Please note if your child continues to wear winter uniform a school tie must also be worn.

School Logo –Navy T-Shirt (available from school)
Navy Shorts – Cotton (available from school)

Also available to buy from school:
School Logo – Navy Reversible Coat.
School Logo – Navy Lightweight Coat.
School Logo – Navy Baseball Caps.
School Logo – Navy Knitted hat.

Health & Safety
Jewellery: ear rings – studs only.
No other jewellery allowed.
Long hair must be put up or held back with a band.

Order online atwww.schooltrendsonline.com