Ofsted Report

In October 2011 the Ofsted report said the following about St Mary & St Joseph’s First School:

  • Children in Reception get a wonderful start to school life.
  • Children all enjoy school and make excellent progress to reach standards that are much higher than those found in most schools.
  • Children behave extremely well, both in class and out in the playground.
  • Children get on exceptionally well with other pupils and always look after each other.
  • Children know a lot about how to stay safe and live healthy lives.
  • The headteacher is excellent at running the school and has exceptional support from all the other staff and members of the governing body. They all understand how they could make St Mary & St Joseph’s even better.
  • Teachers are doing an outstanding job. They work hard to plan interesting lessons and make learning fun.
  • All staff at the school take exceptionally good care of pupils and keep them safe.

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St Mary & St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
Unique Reference Number (URN): 113824